Akihabara (Electronic and Anime District) - Tokyo, Japan

Akihabara (Akiba) is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is shopping center for electronic products such as digital camera, TV, gadget and also popular for anime, games and manga. There are also duty free shops.

If you are the one who like anime, games and electronic products, do not miss!
There are many shops sell anime goods such as poster, figure, CD/DVD, gashapon, toys and etc. Some shops sell 2nd hand product so please be careful but the quality of 2nd handed products are still good. The price is very attractive. Sometimes you may not notice because it looks like the new one.


JR Akihabara Station via Yamanote Line (Green Line), Electric City Exit
Just two stations from Tokyo Station.

Claw machine can be found in many places in Japan.

Don Quijote, a discount store which sells various goods such as cosmetic, snacks, electronic goods. There are many branches around Japan.

Maid Cafe

You will see the staff who wear the maid costume and try to invite you to you cafe.
Maid Cafe is restaurant where sells main dishes and desserts in cute styles but the price is also high.

Duty Free Shops; Akky. There are 3 branches around Akihabara.

Labi has many branches, sells electronic products and accessories.
Underground floor sells snacks and beverages.

Anime, Game or electronic shops are along both side of street.
If you are tourist and buy many consumer products, don't forget to ask for tax-free.
Just prepare your passport.

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