Tempozan Marketplace, Kaiyukan Aquarium - Osaka, Japan

Tempozan Marketplace and Kaiyukan Aquarium are in the same area of Osaka.
Tempozan Marketplace has Ferris Wheel as an attractive place. 
Ferris Wheel here is very giant.
Marketplace consists of restaurants, shops and entertainment area.
Kaiyukan is one of largest aquariam in the world.


Take subway to Osaka-ko Station exit 1. 
When get out of subway station, please observe Ferris Wheel and follow that way.
Walk about 10 minutes (Just go straight from the station).

On the way, there were restaurants along both side but it seemed there were not much people. May be I went there in the morning.

Once I arrived Kaiyukan, I was surprised with the long queue so I did not buy the tickets.
There were souvenir shop of Kaiyukan on 1st floor.
Admission Fee of Kaiyukan is 2,300 yen/person for Adult.
Opening: 10:00-20.00

Tempozan Marketplace had food zone (Naniwa Food Theme Park),also had local food such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki. Behind Kaiyukan, we could see Osaka Bay. 
Good for taking for a walk.

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