One Day Trip in Nikko - Japan

I departed from hotel in Tokyo early in the morning because it took about 2 hours from Tokyo to Nikko and I planned to go back to Tokyo in the evening.
I went to Nikko in autumn (early November) and I bought JR Pass so it was very convenient.
Nikko is one of good sightseeing place where can see autumn leaves.


1. Start at Tokyo station. Take shinkansen Yamabiko to JR Utsunomiya station (1 hour approximately). In case of avoid rush hour, I went to Tokyo station before 8 a.m. but there were still many people who went to office.

2. Take JR from Utsunomiya to Nikko via JR Nikko Line (Track no. 5). 

Follow the sign to Nikko Line. Take escalator down.

Please check the timetable of Nikko Line otherwise may wait for hour. 

JR Nikko Line Timetable (6 stations from Utsunomiya station)

Once arrive Nikko Station, from the station turn right and walk 2 minutes to Tobu Nikko Station. Went to Tourist Center at Tobu Nikko station to buy one day pass 500 yen for adult (bus to World Heritage).

I traveled to World Heritage Zone so I waited at bus stop no. 2C (near train station) and below photo was bus timetable.

I started the trip at Taiyuin Temple, bought the ticket (550 yen).

Not far from Taiyuin temple, walked to Toshogu Shrine. I bought ticket (1,300 yen).
Five story pagoda was near the entrance.

There were many students who came for field trip. 

The famous carving monkey "See no evil, Speak no evil and Hear no evil"

Then, I walked back to bus stop near Taiyuin Temple and went to Shinkyo Bridge.
This red bridge was famous one and if you cross the bridge, there are entrance fee 300 yen.
Near Shinkyo bridge, there were souvenir shops and restaurants.


1. Anyone who buy JR Pass, it would be better to reserve seat (free except some trains) especially during rush hour.
2. If you want to see many red maples, better come here around end October - Early November.
3. Don't forget to check Nikko train timetable and bus.

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