One Day Trip in Macau

Actually, there are many interesting places in Macau. Someone may stay here about 1 or 2 days but I will recommend my plan for one day trip in Macau. If you choose here for one day trip so you should arrive Macau early in the morning. Please click here to see how to travel from Hong Kong to Macau.

After arrived Macau, took the escalator down to go to the opposite side for taking the shuttle bus. 

These were the places where I visited:

- Venetian Macau
- City of Dreams
Senado Square
St. Paul's Cathedral

First, I took the free shuttle bus to Venetian Macau (The Blue Bus).
Actually, there was an interesting place not far from the shuttle bus stop, Fisherman's Wharf. If you have free time, you can visit there. It was theme park and there were restaurants and shops. Unfortunately, I had not enough time so I skipped this place.

While on the bus, pass sightseeing spots such as Kun Iam Statue, Macau Tower.

Arrived Venetian Macau, shuttle bus drop me at Hotel West Lobby (next to Venecian Macau).
The Highlight photo shooting place.

There were many brand name shops, also food center.
Some toilets here were not clean as there were many tourists so please be careful.

Next, went to City of Dreams. I was opposite side of Venetian Macau. 
There was shows and other entertainment. Need to check schedule and buy the ticket.

From City of Dreams, I took the shuttle bus to Sintra Hotel and walk about 10 minutes to Senado Square. From the bus stop, go straight until see ICBC Bank at the right corner, then turn right and cross the road.

Turn left at the intersection. Go straight.

Senado Square was on the right side.
I went there on August so the weather was hot and there were many people.

Don't forget to bring your cap or umbrella.

Walk another 5-7 minutes, finally arrived St. Paul's Cathedral.
It was really beautiful. Look like the painting.

Egg tarts are famous snack of Macau. 
You can find many shops around there sells egg tarts.

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