(Review) Kadoya Hotel - Shinjuku, Tokyo

Kadoya Hotel (かどやホテル)is at Shinjuku station. Walk 5-7 minutes from station.
I stayed here for 2 days in AutumnThe hotel rate (every hotel) is quite high during Autumn as it is peak period. The location is good. It is easy to connect to other station or other sightseeing place. There are many restaurants and shops around the hotel.
Convenient store is next to the hotel.


There are 2 methods; by train and by bus.
If you purchase JR Pass, you can take NEX (Narita Express). Pass included NEX.

1. Take train to Shinjuku Station (West Exit)
2. Take limousine bus to either Shinjuku station or Keio Plaza Hotel.

1. If you take train to Shinjuku station. Go Straight until you see Big Camera and keep going straight. Walk pass Shinjuku Post office at the right side.

Walk straight until you see Lawson at the opposite side, then cross over the road.
Kadoya Hotel is next to Lawson.

2. If you take limousine bus to Keio Plaza Hotel. Just cross over the road and walk straight for 3 minutes.

Twin Room

The room is not too big, not too small but it is enough for 2 persons.
Room is clean. Although the hotel is in shopping area but the room is not noisy at all.
That's good. Staff are friendly.
Here, we can send our luggage to other cities, using Takkyubin service.
Just inform staff that you would like to use this service and give them hotel address at destination.
For example, I send my luggage to Osaka today morning. 
My luggage is at destination at noon. Very Convenient!

In the toilets, there are a lot of amenities. Size of the restroom is standard.

Shinjuku station may be busy station but if you love shopping, this station is not bad. There are many shops and restaurants at this station.
When you take train from this station or come to this station, please try to avoid rush hour. 

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