Miyajima in Autumn- Hiroshima, Japan

Miyajima is small island where is popular sightseeing spot. 
Itsukushima is a world heritage located in Miyajima. 
Miyajima has Torii gate as symbol. 
If you come here in the morning, you will see Torii gate is floating.

On the contrary, if come here in the evening, the walking path to Torii gate will be shown.


1. Osaka Station --> Hiroshima station (shinkansen, 2 hours approximately)
2. Take the JR Sanyo Line to Miyajimaguchi Station. (25 mins)
3. Ferry to Miyajimaguchi (10 mins)

After get off Miyajima station, walk straight until you see this sign (To Miyajimaguchi ferry port).

Take the underground path for 3 minutes to ferry port.
There are two ferry ports. If you have JR pass, go to the right side. It already included in the pass. If not, please buy ticket (180 yen one way).
Don't  forget to check time schedule from Miyajima to Miyajimaguchi. 

Take about 10-15 minutes to Miyajima.

When get off the ferry, you will see deer walking around. You can touch them but be careful! while you are eating some food, deer will come straightly to you or even can stole your wallet.

Keep walking along the path, finally see Torii gate. If we come in the morning, we will see Torri gate is floating. In the opposite, come here in the evening, you will see the path to Torii gate.  

Not far from Torii gate, arrive Itsukushima Shrine.
First, buy the admission ticket; Adult 300 yen, Age 15 up 200 yen and Age  6 up 100 yen)
We could see the pagoda. 

Shopping street. Maple leaf cake is popular here. There are many flavors. 
I loved the chocolate flavor.

This shopping street is not big. Both sides are full of souvenir shops and some restaurants.
If you miss buying souvenirs from here, you can buy them at Hiroshima station.

In the afternoon, I went to Bomb Dome (Peace Memorial Park) where is well-known place and has good atmosphere around that area

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