Fushimi Inari Shrine - Kyoto, Japan

Fushimi Inari Shrine is located in Kyoto. 
One of symbol here is the several thousands of torii gates.


From Kyoto Station, take JR to JR Inari Station (2 stations from Kyoto Station).
Shrine is very closed to the station. I recommend to come here in the morning because there is few people. There were both school group and tourists. I visited here about 11 a.m. so full of people and especially on rainy day, it's crowded.

The shrine's entrance.

From the entrance, keep walking straight.

This is mini torii gate. 800 yen each. Write your wishes and name on it.

Many mini torii gates.

If we hike to the top, it is 4 km. walkway so will take 2-3 hours. It is very long pathway.

On the day that I visited, the rain was falling. Everyone used umbrella so it was hard to walk fast.

Tip for taking photo on rainy day:  
If you raise an umbrella, you cannot see the whole scenery at the back and photo would not be beautiful. Therefore, take the umbrella out for a second while taking photo. 

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