Expo'70 commemorative Park - Osaka, Japan

I went to Expo'70 Commemorative park on 1st June.
The weather was good, not too cold and not too hot.
This park is huge as there are many parts such as Japanese garden, museum.
We can also see the seasonal flowers.

This below photo taken when got out off the monorail station.

Opened: Monday and Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday  
               9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Closed: Wednesday (Except Holiday Wednesdays)

How to get there?

Take subway (Midosuji Line) to Senri-Chuo station (Terminal Station), then take monorail to 
Bampakukinen Koen station.

If we take subway from Namba to Senri-Chuo, take about 30 mins.
Anyone who buy the One Day Pass (Weekday 800 yen, Weekend 600 yen), this pass exclude these 3 stations: Ryokuchikoen Momoyamadai and Senri-Chuo.
Therefore, once arrive Senri-Chuo station, please go to Fare Adjustment machine.
It is near the exit. Insert the one day pass and the machine will show the additional amount. 

At Senri-Chuo station, there are restaurants, shops; including Daiso.
If anyone would like to have picnic in the park, I recommend to bring mat or can buy from Daiso. It's convenient and not expensive. 

From Senri-Chuo station, walk for 5-10 minutes to take monorail. 
Take about 6 minutes (2 station from Senri-Chuo station)

Photo of monorail

Follow the exit sign "Expo'70 commemorative park" once arrive Bampakukinen Koen station. It is located in the opposite site.

In front of entrance, purchase tickets at vending machine.
Select the number of persons.
Adult: 250 yen, student 70 yen. 

We can see the symbol of this park which is not far from the entrance.

This park is good for relaxing especially with family, friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. 

Small park for children and beautiful park.

You can also take the tram in the park as park is huge. We can enjoy the scenery.
Here also provide foot onsen.

The park consists of various gardens, also depends on seasonal.
It is huge and beautiful park. If you are tired from working, you may take some rest here.
The atmosphere in the park makes you feel relaxed.
It is good for picnic on sunshine day.

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