(Review) Peach Airline, Japan

Peach Airline is low cost airline based in Japan. Peach is a joint venture between ANA and the first Eastern Investment Group. There are both domestic flights and international flights. In this article, I will review the service of Bangkok-Okinawa route
This year, Peach Airline opened the new route "Bangkok - Okinawa". It is direct flight, take only 4.30 hours. Anyway, there are indirect flights. The visitors must transit at Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan. The indirect flights spends more time for flying to Okinawa. 

I departed from Bangkok, Suvarnnabhumi Airport. Check-in counter opens prior 3 hours before departure time but check-in counter at Okinawa opens prior 2 hours. There is no online check-in, you must check-in at the counter (Row M, Gate no.6). 

My Flights

Bangkok (BKK) - Okinawa (OKA)
MM990  01:40 - 07:55

Okinawa (OKA) - Bangkok (BKK)
MM989 21:20 - 00:15 (+1)

You can check other flights on the website.
However, the flights may be delayed or cancelled due to the bad weather.
Please check the flight status here
My trip, the departure flight from Bangkok to Okinawa is on time but the arrival to Bangkok flight to Bangkok was 30 minutes delayed. 

Peach Airline Fare Types

Happy Peach

- 10 kg. Carry-on Baggage
- Optional services such as heavy baggage and seat selection available for a fee

Happy Peach Plus

- 10 kg. Carry-on Baggage
- One Free Checked Bag!*1
- FREE Seat Selection*2
- Unlimited Changes via on website*3

Peach Airline Fare Rules

Happy Peach Happy Peach Plus
Carry-on Baggage Free Free
Checked Baggage Charged One Free Checked Bag※1

Seat Selection
Standard Seat Charged Free
Pleasure Seat Charged Free
Smart Seat Charged Charged
Fast Seat Charged Charged

Change, Cancel and Refund
Time/Date Change Charged Free※2
Cancel Charged Charged
100% of total payment The sum of fare minus 
the cancellation fee (1,080JPY) will

be refunded as Peach Points※3
Refundable X X

Baggage Fees

If you buy the ticket of Happy Peach Plus, free one checked baggage.
You can check baggage fees on website.

Seat selection Fees

*Seat map from Peach Airline

Pleasure seats are same as standard seat so it is not necessary to buy the pleasure seat. Window seats are pleasure seats. Fast seat is the first row. If you purchase the fast seat, you also get the fast track for your luggage. Please note that the armrest on the first row (fast seat) does not raise.

Smart Seat
All seats from row #2 to row #5 and seats in the emergency exit row (row #12, 13) are Smart Seats. Row #2 to row #5 are convenient seats to embark or exit the airplane, and row #12, 13 provide you with extra leg room. 

*Please note row#12 does not recline.

Here is photo for my pleasure seat (from Bangkok to Okinawa). My height is 167 cms. The flight from Okinawa to Bangkok, the seat is narrow (not same as flight from Bangkok to Okinawa) but that's ok because the flight was only 4.30 hours.

The flight attendants are very strict about safety. The staff check at each passenger's seat if they fasten the belt. 

The price of products are acceptable, not too expensive. There are no free drinking water, blanket on the flight so please prepare for yourself. FYI, Boots (Drug store) at Suvarnnabhumi airport sells drinking water 9 baht each. At Okinawa, drinking water (bottle) at vending machine is 150 yen each.

Finally, arrrived LCC terminal at Naha Airport, Okinawa. Only Peach Airline and Vanilla Airline has service at LCC terminal. Walked to immigration. In this area, photography is prohibited. The staff worked fast so takes less time on immigration progress. Next , pick up the luggage. There is no baggage claim so the staff will bring the luggage to luggage area. 

Go straight and take shuttle bus to Domestic terminal for taking the monorail to the city. If you rent the car, please check the car pick up point on company's website.

In case of depart from Okinawa to Bangkok or other routes, you need to print boarding pass at the machine by yourself. You need to take the shuttle bus from Domestic terminal at bus stop no. 4 to go to LCC terminal. You can check-in 2 hours before departure time. Be careful! Print boarding pass by yourself at the machine first, then go to the counter for dropping the luggage. Prepare your itinerary and passport. If you have no checked baggage, once you finish printing the boarding pass, no need to go to dropping luggage counter.

Steps for printing the boarding pass

1. Touch the screen.
2. Type the booking reference code.
3. Select the passenger name, click all the passenger names.
4. Scan the passport, the name on the screen must be consistent with the name on passport.
5. Finish, get the boarding pass.

Since the weight limit of baggage, there is baggage scale at LCC terminal. You can check the baggage's weight by yourself. LCC terminal is not big so there are limited seat provided. Once arrive LCC terminal, on the left side, there are drinking vending machines and one souvenir shop. On the right side has check-in machine and counter for dropping luggage. After you pass the immigration if the seats are full, you need to stand or sit on the floor. There are 2 drinking vending machines and souvenir shop. This souvenir shop is tax free but is a small shop. There are no restaurants in this terminal.

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  1. Thanks for your review though im reading it in 2023, 6 yrs later ^_^ hope still the same procedure as I can't seem to find more info.on Okinawa peach airlines...just wondering if they have only one code for both departure and arrival...

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. The overall procedure should be the same but I heard that the terminal is changed to new building (should be better than LCC terminal).