Travel from Hakodate to Sapporo - Hokkaido, Japan

There are 3 ways to travel from Hakodate to Sapporo. I recommend to take the train because spend time about 3 hours 20 minutes which spends time less than other method.

1. Train
Take train of LTD. EXP Hokuto, LTD. or EXP Super Hokuto. It takes 210-220 minutes from JR Hakodate Station. 

2. Bus
Take express intercity bus more than 5 hours to Sapporo. Bus companies are Hokkaido Chuo Bus, Donan Bus and Hokuto Kotsu Bus. Fare is cheaper than taking train. One way fare for adult cost 4,810 yen. Round trip is 8,580 yen.

3. Car
If you rent a car, time spending is closed to taking bus. The distance is 300 km. approximately.

Timetable from JR Hakodate Station to JR Sapporo Station

If you have JR Pass, can reserve seat for free.
If you do not have JR Pass, fare of non-reserved-seat is 8,310 yen
fare of reserved seat is 8,630 yen and green seat is 12,420 yen

I planned to reserve seat at counter of JR station one day before departure date but it was full so I had to take non-reserved seat instead. Unfortunately, non-reserved seat was also full. I had to stand. I had stood until arrived at Onumakoen station (20 minutes from JR Hakodate station). Many people got off at this station. 

The luggage can be stowed at behind the last row of each car but there are limited space or you can send your luggage by post to your hotel for convenience. 

I took train at 10:36 so the train arrived at Sapporo 14:17. I had not enough time to buy some food from Hakodate. It take more than 3 hours to Sapporo so I ordered bento on train for lunch (1,050 yen). Menu is in seat pocket. Need to order the bento in advance at least 1 hour before your destination.

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  1. Hi, thank you for your post. May I ask what is the depth, width, height of the overhead luggage compartment?

    1. Hi! I am not sure the exact size but the overhead compartment size of Shinkansen is same as aircraft. If you have large suitcase, there is a space behind the last row of seats in each car.