Utsubo Park - Osaka, Japan

Utsobo Park is large park in center of Osaka. Rose Festival was held in mid May because rose bloomed in May. There were various kind of roses. Rose in Japanese called Bara (バラ). If you visit Osaka in May, should not miss rose festival. At Nakanoshima Park is also has rose garden and popular for flower lovers. Moreover, Utsubo Park is good for blossom viewing in spring.


Honmachi Station, Exit 28 (One Station from Shinasaibashi Station)

Free admission

There was flea market on that day.

After passed flea market, finally saw the big rose garden. The weather was hot because spring was over. It was sunshine. I recommend to visit there in the morning or in the evening. I visited there around 10:30 a.m. The atmosphere was good. If come here in the afternoon, it's hot while walking around and taking photo.

Colorful and beautiful roses. There are many rose species For example, the pink rose is Lilac Rose. Some rose species have multi colors. The below photo are some of my photo. 

The red orange rose called Autumn.
The yellow rose called Golden Medaillon.
The white rose with pink color inside called Sharifa Asma.
I like the pink and white rose. And you, which color of rose do you like?

On the weekend, I saw many families visit the garden for spending their holiday together. Seniors bring their own camera and enjoy taking photo or painting. I often see seniors in Japan do their business or go to sightseeing place alone. In Thailand, seniors always go outside with their family. In Japan, the transportation is convenient. Metro lines cover many significant routes especially in sightseeing spots. 

Visiting the garden on weekend was really good, I felt relaxed because could get away from busy areas.

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