Travel between Stockholm, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark

There are many ways for travelling between Stockholm and Copenhagen. I traveled from Stockholm to Copenhagen by air because it is faster and convenient.

1. By Air

There are 2 airlines (SAS and Norwegian Airlines) which have direct flights between Stockholm and Copenhagen. 

1.1 SAS stands for Scandinavian Airlines, a star alliance member. Some tickets cannot earn mileage because they are discount or promotional ticket. Flight Duration is 70-75 minutes. 
The cheap ticket or discount ticket does not include meal or snack on flight but you can purchase food on board. The price is reasonable.

1.2 Norwegian Airlines is low cost airline in Europe. The ticket price is cheaper than SAS. There is free wi-fi on board. It seems that SAS provides many flights between Stockholm and Copenhagen more than Norwegian airlines. Website:

I chose travelling from Stockholm to Copenhagen by SAS airlines. Need to use self service kiosk at the airport for check in, print out boarding pass and bag tags & attach to our luggage and leave them at the bag drop. This is my first time to do these all by myself. 

2. By Train

The cost of taking the train is less than by plane but spends more time. You can see beautiful scenery on the way to the destination. Train has 2nd class and 1st class price. You can check timetable and price on website

3. By Bus

Taking the bus is the slowest method which takes more than 10 hours from Stockholm to Copenhagen so I don't recommend travelling by bus. If you would like taking the bus, please visit website.

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